Yes, You Can Afford A Quality Housecleaning Service

Brecksville Maids
Great Paying Job

Are you considering a housecleaning service for the first time? Unhappy with your current service? Call us! We'll be happy to give you information & prices over the phone.

Brecksville Maids has been part of the community for over 20 years. We are behind PNC Bank. You can even visit our office, check us out & get a price quote.

Our phone number is 440-526-1122. Our address is 8969 Brecksville Rd Suite 3, downtown Brecksville.

The Cost

Housecleaning visits can be weekly, once every 2 weeks, or once every 4 weeks. For ongoing service the fee remains the same each visit. One time thorough cleanings available for holidays & special occasions.

Our price is based on several factors such as frequency of cleaning, size of home, floor surfaces, furnishings, pets, etc. We are happy to give price estimates over the phone. You can schedule a free in home visit (takes about 15 minutes) to get a firm price for your housecleaning needs. We'll provide a written quote. You call if & when you are ready, no pressure.

Our Employees

Since many customers are at work while we clean, it's worth taking some time to select a service that is safe & hassle-free.

Our employees are clean & respectful. We often get compliments on the quality of people we hire. New hires are closely supervised by owner for cleaning quality & work ethic. Employees are not spread out over several cities so we can more easily support & monitor them.

Each Brecksville Maids employee must have a valid drivers' license, good driving record, good work record & must be physically able to perform the work. Also must speak, read & write English fluently.

Supplies & Equipment Included

Even trash bags!

Our cleaners are mild and tested. Used in millions of homes over decades.

We keep our supplies & vacuums clean and in excellent repair.

We Are Different From Other Services

We care very much who we put in your home. Our employees are clean & respectful.

Excellent work ethic & quality! We deliver what we promise.

We're safe! We were here yesterday & we'll be here tomorrow.