Yes, You Can Get Quality Affordable House
Cleaning From People You Can Trust!
Considering a housecleaning service for the first time? Unhappy with your current service? Give us a call ! We’ll be glad to give information & prices over the phone. Our services include kitchen & bathroom cleaning. Dust sleeping & living areas. Vacuum rugs & carpeting. Vacuum & wash tile or wood floors. We are local (Downtown Brecksville behind PNC Bank) and in business over 20 years.
How Much Does It Cost?
Housecleaning visits can be weekly, once every 2 weeks or once every 4 weeks. For ongoing, regular service the fee remains the same each visit. Our price is based on several factors such as frequency of cleaning, size of home, floor surfaces & pets. We are glad to give an estimate over the phone. If interested, we then schedule an in home assessment to get a firm price for your housecleaning needs. Fees start at $84.00. We also offer one time thorough cleanings for special occasions & holidays.
Who's Cleaning My Home?
Reliability, quality & trustworthiness is essential to customer satisfaction. We work on these 3 things each & every day. We have low turnover rates, lightweight & clean equipment, an excellent work environment & excellent compensation. This attracts good people. Employee training emphasizes respect for your home & correct use of our cleaning products & equipment. Employees are insured & bonded to protect you against loss or breakage. We pay Workers' Compensation insurance to protect you against liability if an employee is injured in your home.
Do You Provide All Supplies And Equipment?
Sure do, even trash bags! You don't have to remember all those cleaners, vacuum bags & paper towels when you go shopping. We keep our supplies & vacuums clean and in excellent repair.
What Makes Us Different From Other Services?
Our Employees!
We care every much who we put in your home. Our employees are clean & respectful.
Our Work Ethic & Quality!
We deliver what we promise. Our customers seldom complain.
But if you do, we will be on your side.
We’re Safe!
We're in the community. We were here yesterday, we'll be here tomorrow.
100% USA
100% USA